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It must have been when I was one or two,
I believed in love and justice too!
Systems must be fair.
People must be nice.
If you are mean, you must pay the price.

Alas I grew and too soon knew,
There are those who are happy when you feel blue.
Some come with smiles others with tales,
If you refuse to listen they call you names.
YOU are very wrong they say or often shout,
Always aiming to grow your doubt.

They will shun you, some will beat you,
Some may even try to kill you.
They’ll lock you up or give you a pill.
Anything to stop your free will.

Systems are built 8 walls deep.
You may not see them but know you’ll feel them.
Scream though you might no one hears a peep.
They’re much too busy with a label called (bleep!).

Trapped and confused you wonder, is this my life, is this my story?
Is there any refuge for those robbed of glory?
And there out of nowhere an angel’s voice: it you look for your hurt all you’ll find is pain. So I beg you child, please explain, what is it you seek in vain?

I seek love and acceptance I told the angel. Laughing she said: silly child, look in the mirror. Wherever you see yourself, love and acceptance you will find.

Yes, but not everyone looks like me. How do I know, who’s deceitfully mean?
Dear child she said, what did Arthur pull from the stone?
The sword of truth I respond. But truth gets twisted by those with crafty ways. Facts become fiction and fiction gets legitimized through strength in lies. We ALL can’t be wrong they’ll tell you quick. If you show them truth they’ll call it delusion and best not pull a sword for you’re labeled a devil.

Smiling she asked: and in all of this, did the truth change?
No I reply but people wouldn’t listen.
Which people? She asked.
The ones bent on lies.
Well if they’re bent on lies, it doesn’t really matter what you tell them does it?
Well no but….
Tell them what they want dear child. Save truth for those who can hear.

And what do I do with these scars they left me?
Are you looking for your pain again?
Laughing I retort while turning to the mirror: NO, I mean these scars here!
Lo and behold, before my very eyes, the scars were gone and all I could see were smiles.

Why do bad people exist you ask?
Well the angel got away before I could ask.
My dear child a male voice says: still looking for hurt are you?
No, I’m trying to find my angel friend she…
Let me interrupt you, I’ve got to run.
Your answer is: none.
None what?
Did you not ask what purpose mean people serve?
Well, kind of. I thought it…
The answer is none…and then with a wink he added: but they’ll make you believe they’re EXTREMELY important and you’ll never fit anywhere because you’re not them.
Why do this?
What else can you do when you have no purpose?
Ha! An idle mind is the Devil’s workshop!!!
Yes, dear child, so be sure to keep your mind pregnantly busy.
What is most useful?
Silly dear: whatever brings you peace and joy.

You powerful beings make it seem so easy.
Come here child. Stand in front of me in this mirror.
All of a sudden there was a beautiful glow and he said, repeat with me (as if by magic our voices became one):

I AM Cecilia Akinyi Wandiga Cox and I AM a soldier of light!

The glow became magnificent and the world a haze. The voices of 10,000 angels in triumphant song, and, when I awoke, the bullies were gone!!!!

Is life a fairy tale? No.
Are things fair? No.
Will people do the right thing? No.
What is the best lie? One based on truth.
As things are now, are the beliefs in these questions fantasies? Yes.

But, once you let go of these fantasies, you stop taking GOOD for granted and cherish it more than your life!

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There is nothing like listening to Futurists. Established conventions of what must be are shattered, obliterated, forgotten.  This doesn’t mean that everything Futurists propose is immediately practical.  I’m still waiting for Rosie the Robot from The Jetsons (not to mention a car that folds up into my briefcase).

Despite all the talk about sustainability, one has seen very little Futurist proposals.  You can imagine my delight when I came across this concept of a future city in Busan Korea.

The concept: what would happen if we applied Moore’s Law to sustainable technology?  They started with existing materials and concepts.  One of the materials (still cutting edge) is ETFE foil.

I don’t know much about the material.  First learned about it in a vertical farming presentation. Prof. Despommier (Columbia Univ. microbiologist). Most of what he told us is contained here http://www.verticalfarm.com/presentations.html

I wrote down that it is as refractive as water, self cleaning, clear enough for astronomy observations without causing distortion, and insulating.

Here are applications

The Eden Project (southern England)

Eurofresh Farms (Wilcox, AZ)

ETFE specs http://www.k-mac-plastics.net/etfe-sheets-film.htm

The concept of movable buildings is not new. Tents are movable buildings. In a very different manner so are cruise ships. So why am I so excited? This concept proposal suggests we create buildings that move around in order to maximize solar energy during the day and conserve energy at night.

Yes there are practical reasons we don’t want our buildings moving about – mostly because we don’t want the pounds of stuff we keep in them moving about. However, what if the building could move without any internal vibration?

Also, we are currently obsessed with the equipment we use. We search for energy efficient light bulbs, low energy appliances, etc. What about thinking of a building like a mini-cell eco-system? An eco-system in which everything including the exterior membrane modulates and adjusts to conserve resources. Right now we use building exteriors as insulation but what if they could be generators as well?

As for The Jetsons, well, take a look at the video and perhaps your faith will be restored…

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