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NING post by Overseas Development Institute (ODI), Department for International Development & Business Action for Africa

Topic: Getting results from engagement – how should business, government and donors work together to enhance the investment climate and business-driven development?

I like this approach because it is breaking the old paradigm: everyone worked in silos (government, separate from business, separate from donors, separate from NGOs & service providers, separate from community).

To paraphrase the much quoted African proverb (it takes a village to raise a child): it takes a village to solve a problem.

Thus far we have failed to eradicate poverty because we have been addressing its components in isolation (how to make money, lack of education, lack of infrastructure, unstable political environment, lack of supportive legislation, trade barriers, health issues, security issues, social fabric & cohesion issues, values & ideals issues…).

There is no one size fits all solution and every approach must be tailored and localized.  In order to do this effectively we must all work together, simultaneously.

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